January 2019 saw the successful culmination of the second year of Patta X ROCvAF youngsters, a project initiated by Patta Running Team to encourage the youth of Amsterdam to get active. During this project, the Running Team selected a group of students from ROCvAF and coached them on their way to finishing the notorious Egmond Half Marathon, Holland’s toughest half marathon.

All music in the documentary is created by JQM & All1NE, who will release the individual tracks on Spotify & Itunes soon. All proceeds of the songs will go to the IXL foundation, committed to helping further research into Sickle Cell Disease and creating awareness.

Director: Leanne Vink
Producers: Orville Yssel, Sanne Scherrenberg
D.O.P.: Mark Groen
2nd camera: Raoel Hulst
Editor: Leanne Vink
Colorist: Nick Sotgiu
Title design: Orville Yssel
Production company: Woodpack

Soundtrack by: JQM & All1NE
Instruments: Eastar Music, Jeremy “SToep” Wielzen, Jonathan Arends, Genius beats
Mix & Mastering/sfx by: Killing Skills

Additional camera operators:
Timothy Wormhoudt
Leanne Vink
Ot van der Wal
Morenno Davelaar
Imane Farahi

Archival Footage: J.A. Flu
Subtitles by: Annabel van Eijk

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Director, Edit, Story/Scenario


April 2, 2019