I directed a music video for JO SARAH. The music video celebrates the powerful sensuality that is paired with female pleasure with a compelling combination of fruits that resemble the vulva and Jo Sarah loving her body without shame. The video evokes the juiciness of what it is to fully embrace our female pleasure capabilities.

I love how the video turned out. I think Jo Sarah put a lot of trust in me and my way of working and together we were able to pull this off. We gathered a great team and worked our asses of the get the result you see today. 


Director: Leanne Vink
Director of Photography: Lyanne van Bodegom
Managing Producer: Karen Cigarruista
Gaffer: Clarence Haakmat
Editing: Leanne Vink
Color grading: Clarence Haakmat
Compositor: Orville Yssel
Invisible VFX: Felipe Pomar
Production assistant: Aukje Anna
Hairstylist: Chiney Ikosa
Make-up artist: Beau Hoogerwerf
Model: Sander Monteiro
Nail stylist: ShamBlack
Choreography: Stefanie Ensink & Jo Sarah
BTS video: Emerson Windy
Catering: Thirza Smolders


My share

Director, Edit


February 22, 2022