DGTL is a festival full of discovery, inspiration and innovation. They constantly strive for a balance between the leading names in art and music, the newest discoveries and exciting local treasures but are also highly aware of the environmental impacts. 

For Production company Session One, I had the honours to direct and produce this documentary. It is always a great pleasure to work on project that has a positive impact on the world and our future. It was really a great piece to work on and we’ve all learned so much about circularity and its possibilities throughout the whole process.

DGTL is always on a search for the latest technological breakthroughs to close material loops.
They have a hundred percent plant-based and waste-less food court, less than 100 grams waste per visitor, from pee to tea installations, and flying in artists with sustainable aviation fuel: they’ve become the world’s first circular festival!

And therefore we proudly present the ‘Road to Circularity’ documentary.

Production Company: Session One
Director: Leanne Vink
(Executive) producers: Leanne Vink & Timothy Wormhoudt
DOP: Nikolai van Nunen
Camera operator: Nikolai van Nunen
2nd Camera operator: Jasper Drouven
Gaffer: Olaf Robberse
Sound on set: Olivier Terpstra
Edit: Marijn Smit, Walter van Alewijk, Leanne Vink
Mix/Master: Olivier Terpstra
Colorist: Clarence Haakmat
Design: Beat Mandersloot 

Special thanks: 
Tessa ponje
Emiel Woudenberg
Tim Brandenburg
Laureen Lamballais



My share

Director, Executive Producer, editor


February 8, 2023