For centuries, the narrative of importance has been dictated by men, resulting in a historical perspective predominantly centered around a male and Eurocentric viewpoint. What happens when we collectively dedicate a year to writing about our mothers, aunts, or women from the distant past? Better yet, what if we start writing to these women? Letters to the women who shaped Amsterdam into what it is today. Letters celebrating their strength, courage, intelligence, creativity, dreams, struggles, and encounters along their journey. What new insights will we gain about the city on the Amstel, founded in 1275 and now home to approximately 800,000 residents from 180 nationalities, slightly more than half of whom are women?

Commissioned by Mals Media, I produced and directed this great project for Amsterdam Museum and the city of Amsterdam itself.

Women are integral to Amsterdam’s narrative, both past and present. However, these stories often go untold, their names left unspoken. Did you know, for example, that the Amsterdamse Bos was designed by a woman?

For this project, we devised and launched a campaign/activation video featuring the voices of five remarkable women. Additionally, we brought to life the beautifully crafted letters penned by these women. The campaign and videos were launched on International Women’s Day 2024 during Femtopia at Pakhuis de Zwijger.

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Director, Producer


March 1, 2024