For Soultrash it was the first time working with a female director. When I got introduced to the group I took my time annalysing them. I wanted to create something that would fit with their vision, but also create something that fits with the vision I have for all off my work.  If you take a look at some previous music videos of Soultrash, you notice that they play big parts in their own clips. Something I felt that was not necessary for what I wanted to create.

When the idea was born of combining two music videos into one, it was a challenge.
Combining 2 completely different tracks with a different BPM, length and feeling into 1 music video, needs a lot of thought. Also the videos would be identical, but I wanted the overall theme in both videos to be interpreted differently. For Op tot Laat the main theme was showing in an abstract way how you can organize your time, while Overhyped is an ode to all women.

I have a very strong vision of what a movie should look like. The stories I tell have their own personality and unique twist. I see it as a token of appreciation that SoulTrash trusted me to create an image of the positive and inclusive message for women.

Watch: Op Tot Laat
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Director, producer, Edit


January 30, 2020