Thats it. The month march is already here. Did we even have January and February this year? Because it all happened so fast! With the month March right in front of me, I realize that I only have a few weeks left before I get on the plane and fly home. But, lets not talk about that. Lets talk about the weeks I have left and what I am planning to do with it.

First things first ‘what have I done the past weeks?’

A few weeks ago I took the boat back to the north island to explore the last bit of it. I decided to hit the road again and go to Napier with final destination Gisborne.

Napier is located in Hawke’s bay on the eastern coast of the North Island. Napier is a popular tourist city, with a unique concentration of 1930s Art Deco architecture, built after much of the city was razed in the 1931 Hawke’s bay earthquake.

I’d spend my time in napier enjoying the sun, hanging around with the awesome hostel people and together with John, (an awesome man with a lot of knowledge about the country and people) we drove around napier and went to a hidden waterfall, a lovely beach and tomato peak ( it’s accully te mata peak but John thought for ages that it was tomato peak. So lets keep it that way) Tomato peak is incredibly beautiful. Even without the sun the view was breathtaking.

Oh beautiful North Island with the forever sun! I’ve seen more sun in one week than I had seen in the full 2 months I stayed on the South Island. Something I could get used to 😉

After a few nights it was time to move on to my (for now) final destination: Gizzy! An 3 hour bus drive along the coast what was already beautiful by itself.

In the evening I arrived at the hostel just in time for the sunset. Meeting up with my old stray mate Terry (who is already in gisborne for 1,5 month now.. who knows how long I am going to stick around :P)

Gisborne is the first city in the world to see the sun each day! “Gizzy” as its known by locals is located on the sunny East Coast of the North Island. One of the sunniest places in New Zealand, Gisborne has an average yearly sunshine of around 2,200 hours.

I spend my time here in Gisborne having blender party’s, baking pancakes, playing card games, relaxing at the beach, watching people surf and most of all, having banter with the people In the hostel. Definitely an amazing place to stay.

I also went to a Surf Film festival. The short films and documentaries were really good and I enjoyed that evening in the cozy cinema with heaps of pillows and even more pillows. If you would like to watch a good and fun short film, watch the trailers here: Let’s be frank & The Accord 

So now the question is: What’s te plan for the last few weeks? The answer is: I have no idea. The place where I want to go next is a good 10 hour drive. The busses are always full and it cost a fortune to get there. So I have a few options.

  1. I stick around gisborne until I have to go back to Auckland.
  2. I wait for people to go there so I can join.
  3. I hitchhike.

Option 1 and 2 are most likely. For now I am still enjoying my time here and no need for leaving. Why would you want to leave a place where its aways sunny? We will see 🙂

Must go now! Chocolate fondue time.