Hooray! There it is, a complete new look for leannevink.nl

Why did it take so long, you might ask? Well, I wanted my website to stand out. So what is a website without a concept? After minutes, hours and days of brainstorming, I came up with a small, ‘simple’ yet perfect idea. And so the photoshoot was born.

A few weeks later, I brought my team of talents together at 06:45, at the most beautiful place of Amsterdam ‘IJburg’. And there we were, shivering in the cold autumn air. The sun arose at exactly 07:34 and we have been able to shoot some nice pictures.

Also on the other locations, everything went smoothly. It is always difficult to give up your own production and let other people do the work. But I’d trust the team and everything went well and they maked sure that I didn’t have to worry about a thing. There was also a great visagist who made me feel very comfy.

The day flew by and we were ready for the last shoot of that day. At the prime location of the Volkshotel (petit Canvas) we made some nice shots when the sun rolled down. Completely out of my comfort zone with fabulous clothes, I stood on the balcony of Canvas; with an awesome team.

Muchas gracias everybody!

Concept by: Leanne Vink
Production: Leanne Vink & Orville Yssel
Photography by: Charles Poorter
Visagie and hair at location by: Vanity Rose
Visagie and styling concept: Sim Virdi
Lighting: Chris Wormhoudt, Timothy wormhoudt & Orville Yssel
Model (silhouette): Nikolai van Nunen

Thanks for the great locations:
Volkshotel (Petit Canvas)
Volkshotel (Doka)
Meervaart theater