Yes, I voluntarily locked up myself for almost 30 hours in an airplane. Can you imagine how hard it is to sleep in such a thing? So after a 29 hour flight, I looked like a zombie. But no one seemed to care because it was halloween in town and everybody looked like your worst nightmare.

When we arrived at the airport, we got picked up by someone who showed us some of the most beautiful highlights of Auckland city. We went to One Tree Hill. A magnificent place with an amazing view. One Tree Hill is a 182-metre Volcanic peak in Auckland.

Fun fact: It is actually no tree hill anymore because some dumbass chopped the tree down to the ground. But still a beautiful view!

The weather was great and I had a wonderful time with the kiwi’s I’ve just met that day. They made me feel very welcome.

The day after that day we went to Mission Bay. It is such a nice beach, usually beaches near big cities are not that awesome. But this beach was just so clean and felt really calm.

So we went to Duder, it is a national park close to a beach called Maraetai. Well, it seems that there are some birds called magpies, they can (and oh they will) attack you if you’ve got some shiny things with you.

And than we found this awesome ‘Jetty’.

Later that that day we had a bbq, or Barbie as they say in New Zealand. My first kiwi barbie ever! (barbie, but where’s ken?)

Today I went out for a walk in the forest. The place where I am staying at the moment has a national park as there backyard. How cool is that eh?! So we went out for a walk and ended up in the Barbarical (Botanical, I can’t speak english so….) Gardens. Awesome place. If you want to see the whole garden, you would have to walk for hours!

And at this very moment I am writing this blog at the dinner table of a great family. The Jonker Family. I am staying at this family for the rest of the week.

My plans for the next day’s are; going to the beach again (get a bit of a tan, y’know), visit the auckland museum, maybe going to an island called Whacky (Waiheke, these are the Leanne names) Island! But I can’t promise anything to you guys because with this ‘4 seasons a day’ weather you just never know how it is going to get.

Below you can find some footage I’ve made in my very first day’s in NZL. Enjoy!