So the last few days have been amazing. I’ve seen the whole of Auckland at night, had tea at a cat cafe, visited the Kelly Tarlton aquarium and we went to a beautiful place called Muriwai beach.

The beach took over an hour to reach. When we got there, the waves were pretty high, and speaking of high waves… Yup. While I was filming the waves splashed against the rocks and within an instant I was soaked. My hair, dress, underwear, socks and even shoes. Was that enough? No, as soon as I tried to find some shelter the second big wave hit the rocks and found its way right to me. You’d think that was all right? That was also what I thought. Did I mention the birds? Not yet? Well, Muriwai beach has birds. Lots of ‘em. Some especially smelly birds at that. We followed the track and we did find a great spot to view all of them, but so did the bird……on my Jacket.

And after all of that, it was time to find our way back to Auckland. BBQ time! We made our own homemade burgers and that suddenly it was the last day in Auckland (for now). It has been more than one week already since I left Holland far far behind. And after one week Auckland it is time to go discover somewhere else. Paihia. A beautiful place and only a few hours drive from Auckland. If you want to discover the coves and beaches of the Bay of Islands, then Paihia is a good place to start.

So for the next week I will be spending my days in this tiny little town up on the tip of the North Island. And you definitely know I’ve got many plans for the next few days! I’ll be travelling up north with the bus to a place called Cape Reinga, the most northern spot of New Zealand. From up there you can see the two oceans come together. The Tasman Sea and Pacific Sea crash together, where the East and West meet. They say it is a must to see and I am pretty curious how it will look. And I was planning to go by boat and see some dolphins if I am lucky.

Fingers Crossed!