What do you see when you look around? Look closely. There is no place around you where design, film and colour did not influence your surroundings. Colour alone can make the difference between being seen.. or unseen. Me and my eyes you will mostly see behind a camera.

Who am I? I am the lone wolf that likes company, a travelling culture junky and a jack of all trades with maybe too many trades to my name. I am the disciplined craftswoman with a passion for film.

I am Leanne Vink, fan of editing, photography and film. Delighted by good cinematography with the accompanied grading. I always work meticulously and focused on my craft.

But I too , am just a small observer in this vast world of creativity.

In this vast and expansive space, I do believe that inspiration can be found in the smallest of things. Hanging out and conversing with friends, or even a small piece in the paper. All these elements give me a new mindset, clears my head, and creates room for new ideas. Ideas that make you strive for the new unknown, and makes you push yourself to new heights.

And you? I wonder what I can create for you, Perhaps we can meet and explore the possibilities in a conversation.